[Dahe Daily, Dahe Finance Cube] (Reporter Chen Yuyao and Zhang Keyao) On June 25, Zhongyuan Securities' 2022 mid-term A-share investment strategy report will be delivered online. Mu Guohong, head of the Zhongyuan Securities Research Institute and a doctor of engineering, believes that it is expected that the prices of upstream raw materials for lithium batteries will fluctuate in 2022. Among them, the prices of battery-grade lithium carbonate and lithium hydroxide will generally remain high, while the prices of cobalt-related products and lithium iron phosphate will generally remain high. It will fluctuate at a high level, the prices of lithium hexafluorophosphate and electrolyte will continue to be under pressure, the price of power batteries will rise, and the average price center will move up in general.


Mu Guohong said that the main logic of the performance growth of the lithium battery sector in 2022 has the following five aspects: first, the high growth of new energy vehicles in the world and in my country; second, the advantages of my country's new energy vehicle industry chain are significant; third, my country's power batteries have significant advantages and market share Significant increase; fourth, the overall price of upstream raw materials remains high, and the price center will generally move up; fifth, combined with the trend of increasing concentration, it is expected that the performance of individual stocks will be differentiated.



In Mu Guohong's view, the lithium battery sector in 2022 will be laid out around four main lines: first, lithium power battery leaders and second-tier high-quality targets; second, upstream resource-based high-quality targets, mainly in the lithium segment; third, lithium battery key materials leaders, Focus on the subdivision of cathode materials and separators; the fourth is the advantageous target of subdivided equipment in the industrial chain.