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Guangdong Duodeke Electric Co., Ltd.

EVE 3.2V 50ah Lithium Battery

EVE 3.2V 50ah Lithium Battery

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Product name

3.2V 50ah lifepo4 battery cell

Nominal Voltage 


Typical Capacity


Minimum Capacity


Internal Impedance


Cell Weight




Energy Density


End-of-charge Voltage


End-of-discharge Voltage


Standard Charging

0.5C CC/CV, cut off 0.01C

Standard Discharging

1CCC, cut off 2.75V

Max Continuous Charge


Max Continuous Discharge


Cycle Life

3500 times


1 Year


Without break, scratch, distortion, contamination, leakage and 
so on








LF50K 3.2 50 0.7 1395±50 185.3±0.5 135.3±0.5 29.3±0.7
LF80 3.2 82 0.5 1680±50 170.5±0.5 130.3±0.3 36.7±0.5
LF90K 3.2 90 0.5 1994±50 200.5±0.5 130.3±0.3 36.7±0.5
LF100MA 3.2 100 0.5 1920±50 118.5±0.5 160.0±0.5 49.9±0.5
LF100LA 3.2 100 0.5 1980±50 118.5±0.5 160.0±0.5 49.9±0.5
LF105 3.2 105 0.5 1980±100 200.5±0.5 130.3±0.3 36.7±0.5
LF173 3.2 173 0.5 3250±150 207.2±0.5 173.9±0.5 41.0±0.4
LF230 3.2 230 0.25 4110±100 207.0±0.5 173.9±0.5 54.0±1
LF280K 3.2 280 0.25 5420±300 207.5±0.5 173.7±0.5 72.0±1
LF304 3.2 304 0.5 5490±300 208.8±1 173.5±1 72.0±1


3.2v50ah lifepo4 battery cell
* Safety And Eco Friendly-The stable chemical structure makes LiFePO4 not burn or explode even at high temperature, short circuit, impact and drop.

* We will test all the battery Voltage and Internal resistance Voltage: the deviation less than 0.01V Resistance, the deviation less than 0.02mΩ.

3.2V 50Ah cell lithium

EASY TO ASSEMBLE - 3.2V 50AH deep cycle solar battery is easy to install, including the required golf cart battery, connecting piece, screws, no professional knowledge is required, and it can be assembled in 10 minutes

3.2V 50Ah cell lithium
deep cycle lifepo4 lithium battery cell
Long life of lithium iron phosphate battery, can be widely used in solar system for home and industry, container energy storage battery, wind power, RV, camping, 1kwh 2kwh 2.56kwh 3kwh 5kwh 10kwh 15kwh 20kwh 30kwh 40kw lithium storage solar system solar generator inverter mttp charger batteria solare storage power bank

3.2V 50Ah cell lithium
lithium cell package
Packaging conforms to industry standards, environmental protection standards, and transportation standards

3.2V 50Ah cell lithium
lithium battery certification
Lithium batteries comply with environmental protection standards, industry standards, and transportation standards. Please order with confidence, ensure quality, and support carbon reduction.

3.2V 50Ah cell lithium

Our company supplies various capacities lifepo4 lithium cell 3.2V 8ah 10ah 20ah 50ah 60ah 90ah 105ah 100ah 120ah 200ah 280ah 310ah 320ah 420ah cell with screw bms fortune cell lithium ion batterie pack li-ion

3.2V 50Ah cell lithium
3.7V lithium cell warehouse
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Product Application

3.2V 50Ah cell lithium

3.2V 50Ah cell lithium

* WIDE RANGE OF APPLICATIONS - Engine start battery, electric bicycle/motorcycle/scooter, golf trolley/baby stroller, electric tools, solar and wind energy systems, RVs, caravans, backup systems and UPS, Flashlight LED emergency light.

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3.2V 50Ah cell lithium

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